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Effective Human Resources Management

With Positive Human Resources Management Systems; our call center operation processes and the quality of the service reaching our customers are aimed to be secured.

Positive Human Resources and Quality Management System;

- Recruitment, Selection and Placement Activities,
- Training Development Activities,
- Proficiency Measurement Activities,
- Trial Period Observation and Feedback Activities,
- Quality Control Teams Observation and Reporting Activities,
- Performance Management and Feedback Activities,
- Reward-Penalty Systems,
- Process Development, Effectiveness and Efficiency Assessment Activities
- Regulatory and Preventive Activity Planning,
- Information Security and Business Continuity Management,

It aims to improve continuously with the processes it designed and its regular controls.
Within the framework of continuous communication and coordination with other units, which are the primary responsible of these stages, it is aimed to eliminate the root causes that will create quality risk, and thus prevent erroneous service outcomes.

Recruitment, Selection and Placement Activities:

The selection process of the personnel to be assigned within the operation is carried out through the determination of candidates suitable for the basic competency tables prepared based on the operational success criteria.

The level of effectiveness of the election activities carried out by our Human Resources unit in minimizing the candidate quality risk is guaranteed by the sequential control system.

Training and Development Activities:

Candidates who have gradually passed through 5 control points and qualified to participate in the trainings, in order to produce services that meet the expected criteria;

A- Competency Based Training Programs
B- Product-Process-Based Training Programs

They are included in the training and development programs structured under their titles.

Following each training application, the level of success of the training given and the trainer is evaluated with the “Training Evaluation Form” filled in by the participants, and the participant information is recorded with the “Training Participation Form”.

Initial Training Practices are considered as a vital preventive activity so that the operation can comply with the numerical and competency-based quality targets.

The “Content”, “Practice” and “Educator” competence of the Initial Training Practices, which are the prerequisites for the success of the operation, are also evaluated by evaluating the feedbacks obtained through the “Training Evaluation Forms”.

If any deficiencies are detected, a corrective and preventive action record is opened in order to eliminate these deficiencies and healing activities are initiated.

In addition, after each training application, all participants are included in the “Post-Training Sufficiency Measurement” exam application and the adequacy of their knowledge and awareness levels is measured.

Candidates who have achieved the result of dam points and above in the exams included at the end of the training have even been qualified for entry. For candidates who are below the dam score, the difference between the dam and the actual is evaluated;

- Re-exam application,
- Retraining application,
- Cancellation of the qualification for employment,

One of its decisions is taken and implemented.

Initial training processes; In addition to the end-of-training proficiency measurement data, thanks to the data obtained from the trainer's views and evaluations, it is a development activity, but it is also considered as an ongoing part of the personnel selection process.

A-  Competency Based Training Programs
- Orientation
- Call Center Basic Concepts and Processes
- Information Security Management
- Customer Oriented Service Approach
- Effective Communication by Phone
- Telephone Sales Techniques
- Individual Performance Management
- Total quality Management
B-   Product-Process-Based Training Programs

In addition to the initial trainings, “Retraining Programs”, which includes the issues determined in line with the feedbacks received from the quality control team, team leaders and our corporate customers, on behalf of their services, are implemented as a remedial activity within the scope of support trainings.

All of the measurement and control practices that apply to "Initial Trainings" are equally valid for "Retraining" and "Support / Update Training".